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Flagler County Commercial Doors

A commercial door can be described as a door covering the garage which can be opened by an opener or through manual ways. They are designed to be huge in order to contain trucks or automobiles inside. An average one comprises of several panels joined together rolling on a system of tracks directed by rollers.

They are categorized in two different types according to the purpose.

1) Commercial
Commercial are the type of doors which are related to automobile business. Usually these types of doors are a lot larger than the residential ones and are mostly an overhead type. Commercial ones are required to be tall enough to cover large vehicles. They lack in patterns, but are strong. Commercial doors are made up of galvanized aluminum, galvanized steel and fiberglass.

2) Residential
Residential ones are those which are utilized in residential dwellings. These types of doors are primarily used to contain private cars, motorcycles, etc. They are smaller than the commercial ones. Cost vary according to the design and material used in their manufacturing. The material used in residential vary from traditional wood to better developed options like synthetics, metal and fiberglass.

3) Sectional
Sectional are the best option for both residential and commercial places. Sectional doors are commonly manufactured of six to eight panels which are able to slide up easily. They occupy precisely the same space just like monolithic door. With an attractive look, sectional combine both protection and strength. These doors are intended for easy installation and come in lightweight ranges for residential customers and heavier versions for commercial use.

In order to open, sectional ones fortunately do not need any space outside the garage allowing a vehicle to park very close to it. Commercial and residential sectional doors are slight different from each other. Their blueprints and strength is similar, but the product varies depending on the appearance and purpose.
Residential series are manufactured in a way to provide the feeling of a home being more convenient in use and more detailed while the commercial garage doors are designed to serve the industrial need. They combine the ability of residential series with a custom added strength.

Sectionals are made of aluminum, wood and polyethylene. Some manufacturers have started constructing with foamed polyurethane insulation panels to increase their energy efficiency. Sectional price range differs according to the material and design involved.


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